iPod can finally record decent audio

Okay, this is really good news. Despite my reservations about the new video iPod – particularly the fact that Jobs' obsession with making it small has given it a ridiculous two-hour battery life – it turns out that Apple has fixed my main bugbear with all iPods – recording quality.

It is hard-wired into all iPods that you can only record at telephone-quality audio. As I complained months ago, this makes a mockery of the whole “Podcast” name, since no podcasts would ever have been recorded on an iPod.

Apple has now changed this. Finally. There are now two options for recording (kept very quiet and low down in the new specs). There is:

Low (22.05 KHz, mono) and High (44.1 KHz, stereo)

That little bit of info means CD-quality sound. Woo-hoo!

Unfortunately I have a new iPod Photo and I don't want a Video iPod until the next-generation comes out with what should be a bigger hard drive and better battery if Apple has any sense.

Two questions though:

1. Will there be a hardware upgrade for my iPod Photo so I can record at decent quality? and
2. Is the recording hardware on the market (Griffin iTalk for example) able to deal with this leap in quality?

I shall endeavour to find out.