One of the Net’s biggest blogging sites –, and its hosting domain – home to hundreds of thousands of blogs, and owned by Google, is down, presenting visitors with nothing but an “Internal server error” 500 message.

There have occasionally been issues with a number of blogging services, particularly Blogware, as companies have had trouble maintaining service as their requirements have rocketed, but Google is largely recognised as the master in dealing with heavy demand and massive storage issues.

It has been down for at least an hour, which is when I first noticed. Somewhat ironic is that there is relatively little chatter about it on the blogosphere – because such a huge chunk of blogs are effectively out of action.

There are going to be a lot of very annoyed people out there today.

Update: appeared briefly, only to vanish again. You can see Google engineers trying to reroute the website through its other servers. Last I saw it was pushing it through

Second update, 3.15pm: It’s back up, and the blogs have appeared soon after. Down for at least three hours in the end.

  1. omg i want blogger back!!! im not the only one. im angry

  2. […] Update 17 Oct: And lo! Gmail has been really poor for two days now. Very slow. Some emails are taking 10 minutes to show up when they were previously instantaneous, and Google Groups messages have been arriving a day late. This may well have something to do with the collapse of Google’s Blogger servers a few days ago. The polish is coming off Google with surprising speed. […]

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