Sweating in Acapulco

Christ it is hot here in Acapulco. Too hot to get on the Internet it would seem as I have had to walk for 20 minutes just to find an Internet cafe.

20 minutes for 10 pesos. About two pounds an hour. Not bad although I would much rather be typing this on my laptop in a giant bucket of ice rather than dripping with sweat in a little cafe on the main strip.

I will have a muhc longer post about Acapulco to come but I think it is worth pointing out straight away that Acapulco does not bother with street signs. And there are also no maps. I do not know which came first, the lack of street signs, or the failure to make maps, but it now seems that they are in a circular embrace to frustrate anyone that visits.

How do the Mexicans deal with it? In the same way they deal with everything – by shrugging their shoulders and giving wholly inaccurate information about where everything thing is.

It does not help that I have been unable to shift my cold (admittedly insisting on having a big New Years Eve could not have helped with that recovery) and so not only am I apathetic and anti-social at the moment, I also hear everything as if under three foot of water.

I tried to chill out on the beach yesterday but it was so incredibly hot that I decided that ensuring every five minutes that you were going to pass out was not the most relaxing pursuit. That was happens from you come from minus two degrees to – well, what is it here? Who knows? Certainly over 35 degrees. Even the locals are sweating.

Anyway, I have to go as the strange green LED is flashing again on this machine – something that it is supposed to do every 20 minutes but in fact prefers to do every 5-10 minutes.

The cafe owner of course disagrees with me entirely. He says it is 20 minutes – I showed him the time and waited for the next one – sure enough, eight minutes.

What did he do? Shrugged his shoulders of course. La vida mexicana. Hopefully by the end of this trip I will have chilled out enough for the manana de manana attitude to be less frustrating.