The extraordinary richness of human nature. And of course the loonies

I haven’t posted anything on this blog for over a week. Why? Because I’ve been at my first ICANN meeting on the other side – working as ICANN staff – and I simply didn’t have time to get around a post. Maybe I should have made the time. But when posting is something you would have to force yourself to do, rather than feel the need or desire to do, what’s the point?

Anyway, I just received this email, sent in response to an article I wrote for the The Register last year covering towering, heterosexual movie star Tom Cruise suing ole Jeff Burgar aka King Cybersquat for I felt the need to share it with the world because, well, because you have to wonder sometimes what is going on in people’s heads [email address altered to protect nutcase].

I have read your court actions with Jeff Burger and agree with you that you should sue the pants off of him. Let him become hungry and homeless. I am taking courses in becoming a lawyer myself. One of my dreams finally comming true. I have been accepted at Kennedy Western University. I am older than you and know that you are single just like me. The only thing I haven’t done is date, but of course Men are different than Women. I don’t believe on having sex on the first date. I won’t string you along because I am actually old enough to be your Sister or your Mom. I am a great fan of yours and when I visit some of my friend’s in California around next year or sooner I hope I can have a cup of coffee or two with you. Maybe even lunch because I come from Windsor, Connecticut. Maybe you know of someone who you could fix me up with. I like good looking men because I am very attractive. Sincerely, s********

  1. The extraordinary richness of human nature. And of course the loonies…

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