now selling my book

This has to be good – I note that is now selling my book –

Unfortunately there is still a four to six-week delivery date on it, which leads me to conclude that my publishers have yet to strike a deal with a US publisher. I also note on a quick perusal of the Net that the Sydney Morning Herald and ran a whole extract in its edition today – Chapter 3, I believe. And I’m pleased to see that Techworld – where I was news ed – ran an extract last week. Alot has happened since I’ve been away.

I’ve also got a lovely review on Although this doesn’t appeared to have helped my ranking much – it’s still way down at book no 186,461. Anyway, the review:


Don’t enter the world of Intellectual Property without this book, June 6, 2007

By Jonglier

Forget the lubricious or lascivious, there’s little if any of that in Kieren McCarthy’s business-thriller/page-turner. Its essential subject matter is on the face of it dry as a bone: trademarks, internet domain names or URLs, intellectual property rights, and the civil legal system that arbitrates on all of the above.

Yet McCarthy makes the topic alive, fraught, fascinating and above all important: to you and me as media users, to would-bet net entrepreneurs, to anyone to whom ideas – and their protection and promotion – is important… But oh how close, in the dying days of the saga, victory looked like turning to the sourest possible defeat!

Rush to your credit card wallet and buy this book now. Buy two: you’re sure to know a net fiend who’ll find it instructive and enthralling.”

Now ain’t that nice. I wonder if I’ll get any money for all this.

  1. has been selling the book for at least six weeks. That’s when I ordered my copy from them. No sign of it yet. I guess they were taking orders but just not shipping them.

  2. Amazon routinely offer 4-6week delivery estimates on books they can not or have not sourced. It is quite common to find rare and out of print items advertsied as available with a 4-6week delivery estimate. The longest I have heard anyone wait for fulfilment was 18months! Most give up after 3 months! It’s a good job they don’t charge your card until they dispatch or you’d really feel ripped off!

    Why don’t you actually try selling the book yourself on amazon, many authors do this as getting distribution deals can be tricky, especially in foriegn countries.

  3. I ordered a copy from a couple of days ago and am looking forward to reading it 🙂

  4. Took me a bit of time finding one but found one in Borders near Tottenham Court Road (after checking Waterstones there and also another branch).. They only had one copy.. and it was in business biographies (in case anyone else wonders).

  5. Imagine my surprise when walking into Borders in the Trafford Centre to be confronted by Mr McCarthy’s name in print. And now I can say I used to live in a house with a published author!

  6. Hey Rachel,

    How the hell are you? What’s new? Did you marry Bernie?


  7. All’s good. Became Mrs Bernie (!) this year in Sri Lanka. Mala came to our party with her husband and 2 kids! How’s things with you? Are you still in touch with Jolley?

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