Back to work

In case anyone is wondering why I haven’t been calling, emailing, insisting people come out for drinks, and so on, I have been on a three-and-a-half-week tour covering New York, Los Angeles and Puerto Rico – all for ICANN. A very busy week-long meeting has caused me to take three days off without any form of electronic communication, so I am currently sat in Continental’s President Club in San Juan airport (so poorly stocked that there are even signs suggesting you go outside for food and then come back in), and have just downloaded no less than 406 emails.

I’m also a bit burnt – partly thanks to the intense heat in the Caribbean, partly because my British skin just does not do sun, but mostly because I don’t have the rules of being in the sun screwed into my brain. Anyway, on my way to Houston and then Gatwick and then Oxford, so it’s Tuesday 8am and by Wednesday lunchtime I’ll be back home and calling people again. I understand that my home country not only has a new leader but that we are, yet again, the target of terrorist attacks. Home Sweet Home.

  1. Not just terrorist attacks, but stunningly incompetent ones. My theory? All the clever suicide bombers have already blown themselves up. It is a kind of reverse darwinian selection…

    Next, they’ll show up places threatening to shoot themselves with water pistols.

  2. Yeah, I was joking about this just last night. Tuesday: Nigel fails with his moped rocket idea when an unexpected breeze makes it impossible for his to light matches; Wednesday: Ali genius plan to destroy the City of London falls flat when he misses the number 56 bus…


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