BBC comedy Hyperdrive – good radio comedy but on TV

I’ve just accidentally caught the first episode of what I’ve just found out (thanks to the Net) is the second series of a space comedy. It’s called Hyperdrive, is on BBC2 and stars most of the new generation of British TV comedy stars, including Nick Frost of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz fame.

So what? Well, I don’t know. It struck me as strange as it was actually a very witty script, very well acted and it was clear a ton of money had been spent on it, but even despite this, it didn’t feel right – not like the first time I saw Red Dwarf or The Office. So what was missing?> That’s what fascinates me. I was convinced it was a Radio 4 comedy turned into TV but apparently not – I’ve dug about at the official BBC site and, of course, the Wikipedia article that has appeared and it would seem this was just a TV show.

But it still strikes me as having been written for radio. The jokes are too good and the writing too tight. Sad, ain’t it? Anyway, Hyperdrive, BBC Two, Thursday, 9.30pm. The first epsiode will be reshown at 11.30pm BBC2 next Wednesday.

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