First trip back to the city

This morning I headed into San Francisco on what was my normal commuter routine for the first time in over a year. I am clearly one of the first.

Buses are reduced. And for good reason: there are usually only a few seats left open when I get on. This morning, I was literally the first. Another four people got on in total before we headed over the bay to the city. No commuter traffic. The whole thing took 30 minutes.

I was headed to the library to do research on my book. It opened at 10am. But only the bottom floor was open; the elevators and stairs taped up.

The homeless are still here but in smaller numbers. Most food places are not just closed but boarded up: especially around Tenderloin where the homeless and the junkies are still there, slumped and despondent, counting their dollar bills and shooting up just off the main streets.

Walking down Market Wednesday lunchtime, it was so deserted it felt like 6am on a Sunday.

Clearly San Francisco is not ready to get moving just yet. It is oddly peaceful. But empty.