Questions I will seek answers to if elected


I’m standing for the Nominet Board. My goals are to rebuild member trust and improve communication.

To that end, here are some of the questions I will be seeking answers to if elected.


  • Why do so few members vote in Nominet elections (typically between 10-15 per cent)?
  • What metrics exist to measure member engagement, and how can they be improved?
  • How do we measure member satisfaction and how can it be improved?

Strategic Direction

  • What is Nominet’s position on entering commercial markets?
  • What is Nominet’s acquisition policy and how has it changed since the sale of Cyglass?
  • What is Nominet overall goal with its public benefit purpose and how does that serve members?


  • What is the optimal level of strategic reserves for Nominet and how was that figure arrived at?
  • Who should decide where excess funds are spent and on what?
  • How can members have confidence that Nominet will not return to a more commercial direction?

Making decisions

  • What is the policy development process that Nominet uses and where is it documented?
  • Who gets to decide what changes should be considered?
  • How do members get a say in any decisions and how is consensus reached?