What I will do in real terms if elected

Work hard

I’m standing for the Nominet board. In my election statement, I gave two goals:

  1. Rebuild trust
  2. Improve communication

But what does that mean in reality?

Here’s what I will do in the job:

Put in the work

  • Read everything that comes across my desk
  • Follow up if there is anything I don’t understand or feel needs greater explanation
  • Work to gain a full understanding of each part of Nominet’s business

Be responsive

  • Make myself available to any member who wants to discuss Nominet’s work or actions
  • Seek out answers (from members and/or Nominet) if there is something I don’t know or understand
  • Explain why I can’t discuss something if there is a confidentiality issue, and how it applies in that case

Support members

When it comes to Board discussions and decisions, I will:

  • Ask how member input will be received
  • Ask what level of member input will be required to move forward
  • Check on member input throughout the process
  • Ensure member input is accurately reflected and properly addressed by the Board
  • Ask for member input to be reflected in official minutes

Push accountability

Once Board decisions are made, I will:

  • Push for clear explanations for why the decision was made
  • Push for any disagreement or proposed alternatives to be reflected in the minutes
  • Ask members if they are content with the explanation
  • Go back to the Board if members are dissatisfied and seek a better or clearer explanation
  • Push for staff reports or other relevant materials to be published alongside decisions

Improve member engagement

When it comes to members, I will:

  • Push Nominet to measure levels of member engagement
  • Push for member engagement to be a core component of the senior staff’s performance assessments
  • Identify different types of members and help devise different ways of reaching them
  • Find out why some members may not be engaging and push changes that will make that more likely
  • Actively consider how different members will be affected differently by decisions

Push transparency

When it comes to communication, I will:

  • Argue for openness as a default within every process
  • Insist on plain English in all member communications
  • Push back on anything that is unclear or gives a misleading impression
  • Ask how members are expected to see the communication
  • Ask for an assessment of how effective the communication has been