If you want to know where everyone is meeting, how to get there, what to do in San Francisco, or you have a question, you’re on the right page.

Venue and other important addresses

Wedding venue
1 Fort Mason,
San Francisco, CA 94123

Phone: +1 415 441 7700 ext. 10
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Sapna’s family home
Darshana Bhuta and Narendra Shukla
1198 Kottinger Drive
Pleasanton, CA 94566

Phone: +1 925 426 1366
[google maps]

Where to stay

We’ve had a wander around the venue, asked various locals the best places to stay and then paid them a visit. Below are our recommendations for the best places, listed by price:

There is another option as well – use a holiday rental website – where you rent a holiday or second home off someone else for however many days you like. The advantage of this approach is that you get a home, usually full stocked, and it can often be a great deal. If you want to go that route – follow this link to find places in and around the venue from VRBO.

Fort Mason Hostel

It’s a hostel from the Hostelling International association. If you’ve ever backpacked, you’ll know the sort of place. This one is surprisingly pleasant though. It’s in the same very peaceful area as the venue itself, in fact just keep going past the venue and it’s in the corner.

Clean, cosy and fantastically located, you can reserve a dorm (for five or six) – if you have enough people – for between $24 and $26 a night. Alternatively, you can book a private room for between $70 and $110 a night (they have two, two-people rooms; seven three-people rooms; and two four-people rooms).

If you have kids under seven, you are required to have a private room. Parking is free on site and you don’t have to be a member of the association to book. Cooking and laundry facilities provided and nice views too.

San Francisco Fisherman’s Wharf Hostel
Fort Mason, Building 240
San Francisco, CA 94123
Phone:  +1 415 771 7277

Comfort Inn by the Bay

A five-minute walk from the venue, this offers the normal hotel fare: comfortable rooms, clean, usual facilities. Some larger rooms, holding up to five.

Depending on how soon you book and, obviously, the room you go for, the cost is from $120 to $170 per room per night.

Address: 2775 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94109
Phone: +1 415 928 5000
Reservations: +1 800 424 6423

Hotel Kabuki

This hotel was recommended to us as a “hidden jewel”. It’s the furthest away from the venue of our selection – three blocks away (and in the heart of Japantown) so roughly 15 minutes walk, or two minutes in a cab – but it is a classy and interesting Asian-style hotel for very reasonable rates: $140 to $230 a night.

The hotel has a spa and some unique rooms – a sauna room, a Japanese-style room, and so on. Big baths, nice staff. It doesn’t have the view of the Argonaut but may make up for it in ambience.

Address: 1625 Post Street, San Francisco, CA, 94115
Phone: +1 415 413 4709
Reservations: +1 888 717 0743

The Argonaut Hotel

The Argonaut is just down the hill from the venue. With a nautical theme, the hotel is on the seafront, by the pier and in amongst it – next door to Ghiradelli Square, with its special blend of shops of restaurants, and a short stroll to a range of other interesting spots.

The hotel, and the staff, are very pleasant. Rooms have porthole windows and a ship-like feel. The suites – especially those in the North-West corner, third-floor and up – are very nice and have fantastic views of the Bay.

About ten minutes walk to the venue. The price is reasonable considering the location and style: $160 to $430 a night.

Address: 495 Jefferson Street, San Francisco, CA 94109
Phone: +1 415 563 0800
Reservations: +1 800 546 7866

What to do in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the great cities in the world so whether it’s sightseeing or shopping, relaxing or rushing about, there is something for you. We’ll do our own small guide to what to do while here soon.

In the meantime, this a very useful First Time Visitors Guide on TripAdvisor, and below are some more:

Any other questions?

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