MCCARTHY Nominet registrar

I recently became a member-elected board member of the .uk registry operator Nominet and so as part of my own due diligence, I have decided to learn about the commercial aspects and experience of Nominet member first-hand.

As such, I am becoming a registrar – enabling me to register .uk domain names at the wholesale price. I have chosen to become a “self-managed” registrar and only register my own names (at least for now), rather than the more commercial “channel partner” or more official “accredited channel partner.”

As part of the process, I need to supply my “customers” – me – with relevant details about how I will service them. So I will put them on this page in order to fulfill those requirements. I see that Nominet old-hand Alex Bligh has done similarly with a somewhat sarcastic version of his Ts&Cs; I’ll take a similar approach.

Information on the MCCARTHY Nominet tag

Contract terms

The registration of .uk domain names under the MCCARTHY Nominet tag will be under the terms of the following contract:

Definition of terms

  • “You” refers to the domain registrant
  • “Me” refers to myself, Kieren McCarthy
  • “You” and “Me” are interchangeable as they are the same person

Contact details

  • kieren [at]
  • 3 Redgrave Road, London SW15 1PX
  • 07979 Seven Six Three Two Nine Six

Nominet’s Terms and Conditions of Domain Name Registration

Are available here.

Key Terms

  • Charge for registration: £0. But I don’t accept any orders from anyone other than myself.
  • Expired domains: I plan to put all domains on auto-renewal so I don’t have to remember to renew them. In the case of old or expired credit cards, I will receive an automated email to the address above and then change to a new card.
  • Renewal of a domain: see above.
  • Charge for domain transfer: £0. But then I don’t intend to transfer any names.

Service Level Commitments

I will reply to myself within 5 working days and provide outstanding service with 100% uptime, except when sleeping.

Complaints and Appeal Procedures

To file a complaint against me, you will need to email me at the address given above and include in the subject line “Complaint.”


I do not use resellers.

Connections with other registrars

I have a number of friends who are registrars. I am Executive Director of IFFOR, which devised and oversees registration and abuse policies for the .xxx registry; the registry is run by ICM Registry and is currently owned by GoDaddy.