Customer services? Don't make me laugh

I really don't get this one. I have just moved from T-Mobile to Vodafone because T-Mobile lied about me being able to receive email. I have a new phone. It's works lovely. Fine.

Then I get a phonecall Saturday lunchtime on my mobile asking to speak to Mr McCarthy. Speaking. It's Nick from Vodafone wondering if everything is fine with my new phone and if I have any problems. No, everything's fine I say, thinking “if it wasn't, believe me, you'd know about it”.

But then the real reason for the call. “I was just wondering if you were fully aware of all of the services we currently offer.”

Well, like what? “Well, Mr McCarthy, if you have a minute we could go through them.” To be honest, I'm pretty happy with what I've got and I did check everything out before I shifted over to Vodafone. “Well we do offer a range of services…”

Okay, give me the first one quickly. “Well if you don't have time, Mr McCarthy, we can call at a more convenient time.” No, now's fine, just tell me the first one on the list and I'll see if I like it.

“Well, we'll just need to go through some security questions.” But you called me. “Well, yes, but we need to know that you are…” But you just called me on my phone on your network. “Yes, but we do need…”

No, I tell you what, let's just forget, okay? “Very well, Mr McCarthy…”

What was all that about?