What the hell is wrong with the world press?

A continuation of my “What the hell is wrong with the US press?” but with a more global viewpoint.

Headlines today:

US insists on controlling Web” – CNN
US insists on keeping control of Web” – BusinessWeek, ABC
US: No to UN control of Web” – Cincinnati Enquirer

Real story:

EU deal threatens end to US dominance of internet – The Register (by, er, me)

  1. […] The skills of the American team, and its head Ambassador David Gross saw the issue follow onto the Tunis Summit itself where two days of extra sessions were held before the Summit itself in order to reach agreement. Again, sat in the boiling Kram conference centre, it was incredible to note how inaccurate the reports from the US media were regarding the discussions. Again, almost none of the journalists were present. […]

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