One more solider for the revolution

I have a fan. Mr Scaife of York appears in The Guardian's tech letters page today.

It begins with the delightful words “Kieren McCarthy is right”. LOL. I may have to photocopy it and send copies to all my exes and my family.

The insightful, intelligent and, I have no doubt, extremely well respected (a pillar of the community?)  Mr Scaife likes my Technobile rant last week.

One more soldier for the revolution. Before the end of the year (presuming of course The Guardian continues to run my increasingly insane rants), I reckon we can muster at least 20 of us and, with some assiduous letter-writing, bring the world's leaders to their knees with a potent blend of sarcasm and grumpiness. You heard it here first.

Here's the letter:

Kieren McCarthy (Technobile, September 29) is right. Many of us continue to use old computers, music equipment and mobiles because we have learned, sometimes through bitter experience, to ignore the latest marketing campaign. A mobile phone is just that: a telephone. If you want to take digital photographs, why do it with a camera that would have been laughed out of the high street two years ago? Why do you need to send picture messages? Are you in one of the few professions that could actually improve productivity by doing so? No, most people are just swallowing the hype and forking over their money for the latest must-have gizmo.

Wireless networking? Great for hackers. iPod? Who wants to buy an electronic device with embedded non-replaceable batteries? That's disposable tech to me.

Andrew Scaife, York