thief and con-man arrested

The man who stole, made at least $100m, fought tooth-and-mail for five years but eventually lost in court and then fled the United States, Stephen Michael Cohen, has been arrested in Tijuana and handed over to US immigration.

This is extraordinary, and an amazing twist.

I have been following the case for years, have met and interviewed everyone surrounding it for a book I'm writing on, and I have to say I thought Cohen was simply going to get away with it.

He's hugely rich and was holed up in Monte Carlo in a lovely house. But it would seem that my suspicions about him being very lonely as he got older were right. For some reason he felt compelled to head back to Tijuana where alot of his mates and the scraps of his family are.

Big mistake. Close enough to the US border for him not to be able to charm or buy his way out. Apparently he applied for a work permit and that's what led the Mexicans to him. Oddly efficient for the Mexican police. Maybe they were annoyed that he had slandered them so badly years before when he claimed they would not allow him back into the US to go to court. He also claimed a gunfight between Mexican police and US bounty hunters.

Seems that these lies finally came back to haunt him. He will be spitting blood now he's in US custody.

I'll try to find out what the situation is once the west coast of America wakes up.

Maybe this will spark interest in the story again and I can get a bloody publisher for this book I've been working on and writing for two years.