Hot, hot, hot in Tunis

Well, the first meeting of “resumed” PrepCom3 as begun, and the room is packed. People fighting over chairs, squashed up against the walls and the temperature is bordering on unbearable.

President of PrepCom Karklins has apologised for the heat, and already I've heard one government member officially complain. It's a tough start to what it going to be a tough few days.

All those in this room have until Tuesday night to get over this enormous hump of Interney governance. And key to it will be the US representatives, sat less than a foot away from me as I write this.

Do they have any intention of moving away from their position? If so, what are their demands? If not, what have all the other governments decided to do if it comes to a Mexican stand-off? Everyone is keeping it close to their chest, but not for much longer.

On a more positive bent, the rest of the agreement – which, in the bigger scheme of things, is far more important and will have real, fundamental effects on ordinary people right across the world – is pretty much agreed.

Even when the Net governance argument ends in rancour, the Summit will still be able to proudly point to these achievements.

More as it comes…