French journalist attacked in Tunis

Okay, this is a little disconcerting. A French journalist here in Tunis was attacked last night – stabbed and robbed.

There are various conspiracy theories flying about already, especially because Christophe Boltanski wrote a story that appeared yesterday  that outlined how Tunisian police had dressed in civilian clothes and beaten up protestors.

I haven't had time to read everything available yet, and I doubt whether the journalist in question is at the Kram centre so I'm unlikely to run into him, but if the reports are correct and he was attacked in the embassy district, it is extremely suspicious.

I was driving through that district at about 8pm last night and to get down the road I had to show my official WSIS badge at the road-block. The vast majority of cars were simply being turned away by the police and security services and forced to drive around.

Not only that but there are roadblocks every mile and dozens of police milling about.

However, it is never a good idea to jump to conclusions – as one recent article made very, very clear, the reality can sometimes be quite different to the report.

More on the story in The Guardian in English, and in Liberation in French.