Tom Cruise continues domain crusade

Man’s man [tag]Tom Cruise[/tag] is serious about this Internet thing. At least getting hold of his namessake domains. He has already gone to [tag]WIPO[/tag] for [tag][/tag], and now he’s taken both and (you can tell because they are now in the name of his hired domain name henchmen Trout & Zimmer – who’s website I’m glad to see is finally up).

No word yet as to whether he’s going for country-code domains or other gTLDs, like .biz or .info or .name. Also, somewhat ironically, he isn’t going for his real namessake domain – – presumably because it doesn’t have the “IV” after it. appears to advertising Spanish ham and Penelope Cruz, which is a little out of date thanks to the arrival of Katie Holmes, but which leads me to believe the owners have seen the Spanish film Jamon Jamon in which Ms Cruz is told her breasts taste like ham. Mind you that is but the local stud/retard who lives on a hill in a giant Serrano ham hanging-barn.

Enough tangents, I’ve done a quick story for The Reg on Mr Mighty Tom Cruise’s crusade, which doesn’t have even the slightest suggestion that he might be gay.