ICANNWiki solution to NomCom

It occurred to me as I was doing my last blog post about Patrick Vande Walle also going public with his [tag]NomCom[/tag] application for the [tag]ICANN[/tag] Board that people either won’t want to, or won’t be bothered to email me to say they are also applying, and so I have found the best solution: [tag]ICANNWiki[/tag].

I’ve created a page on ICANNWiki for NomCom applicants at www.icannwiki.org/Nomcom-applicants, which will allow people simple and easy control over whether to add their name and how to add their name. That way there doesn’t have to be any awkward associations between people. So if you are running for one of the seven positions, do please check it out.

Incidentally, ICANNWiki is really coming into its own and while there I spied a masterplan afoot by Brett Fausett and Brandon Saunders about creating an entire decision-making process for ICANN on ICANNWiki.

I think their plans may be too grand for a starting-off point – the idea of getting GAC members to decide on an issue on a wiki strikes me as virtually impossible – but beyond that, if they can get a simple and effective mechanism working for collating information and building broad consensus – what a brilliant plan.