ICANN gets 89 NomCom responses

I missed this while in my book-writing frenzy – the Nominating Committee for ICANN announced on 9 August that it had received 89 responses for the seven places available within ICANN.

I can tell you who three of them are: me, Wendy Grossman and Patrick Vande Walle, because all three of us decided to make our applications public rather than take advantage of the self-defeating policy of absolute secrecy that the NomCom runs.

I believe the overall figure is slightly larger than last year and lower than the year before. I saw the figures at the NomCom meeting in Marrakech but haven’t been able to find them in my notes. I have it my head it was mid-70s in 2005 and in the 90s in 2004.

This is the entire text of the announcement: “After the revised close of the call for candidates for the ICANN Board, GNSO council, ccNSO Council and Interim ALAC, the Nominating Committee has received 89 Statements of Interest from members of the ICANN community and others interested in the positions.

“The Committee is now proceeding with the next stages of its work: collecting references, evaluating candidates, addressing further questions to candidates, and meeting to select nominees. After further due diligence with respect to those chosen, the Nominating Committee will announce the names of the successful nominees not later than one month before ICANN’s Annual General Meeting, to be held in Sao Paolo, Brazil on 8 December 2006.”

And that’s it. There’s no split in how many people have gone for each position, or indeed what the figures were before the NomCom decided it had to publish pamphlets to urge more people to apply. And that would appear to be all we will hear about the whole process until the final names are presented.

It doesn’t feel right somehow that this process is so secretive and the information so sparse.