Patti La Belle sings to ICANNers

I’m just watching the webcast of the ICANN open forum due to start in a second at Sao Paulo and the techies are playing Patti La Belle.

It’s no mistake, and Patti has a few things she wants to share with conference attendees from ICANN’s perspective. “Together we will live in paradise,” she explains, before outlining ICANN’s new policy to solving issues: “Anything on your sweet mind, I’ll make it happen for you.” That is bound to raise some eyebrows but Patti and ICANN are nothing if not pragmatic. “I’ll do anything – just keep it real.”

Hear hear, Patti. (Although maybe they’re asking too much from the next track – “Could it be I’m falling in love?” – a doubt it, let’s take these things one at a time.