Putting my feet up

As you can see, I am exhausting myself in Mexico.

Actually this was ten minutes of blissful relaxation forced on me as I had to wait for my room in Cascadas de Merida to be cleaned. I wish I could have stayed in the hammock all day but my brain is buzzing with ideas for my Sex.com book so I have to get on…

That’s it really. Apart from the fact that the more I think about the iPhone, the more I think that this is one of Jobs’ cock-ups. He is insisting – as he always does – that Apple (read: Steve Jobs) has complete control over what happens with the phone. No third-party stuff, no APIs.

I’m also sick of soppy, fawning American journalism. And I’m bored of pointlessly bitchy and unpleasant bloggers. I get the distinct feeling the Mexican philosophy of life is seeping into my skull.

What else? There is a car wash next to where I’m staying. But it is so Mexican that I have walked past it a dozen times and not even noticed. It is also a car wash on a street that only about 20 cars go down per day. I think the owner did this on purpose. You see, it’s only a car wash when he’s in the mood for washing cars. Otherwise it’s just a half-painted wooden gate.