Flames from Yanks

A few years ago UK satririst Chris Morris produced a special edition of his sharp Brass Eye programme. It's was about paedophiles and the insane press frenzy surrounding the issue. A frenzy that saw paediatricians attacked, and mindless hideous idiots rampaging through council estates recreating Middle Age witch-hunts.

As the programme aired and the media launched into the exact same mindless frenzy that Morris had so brilliantly lampooned, it was hard not to laugh. And the biggest weapon you can yield against blinkered, partisan and threatening behaviour is laughter.

In my own small way I would like to share with you some flames I have received regarding my article on the Internet governance agreement I wrote for The Register this morning.

In the story I wrote how the US had succeeded in its mission by embarking a brilliant campaign of misinformation, in which people were pushed into believed that anything but a US-led Internet would mean a catastrophe, in a variety of colourful and mostly stereotypical ways.

Mr Wendell writes in response to US wins Net governance battle:


Did you notice that the Useless Nations, U.N. recommended that the food-for-oil criminals be re-instated yesterday??? Yeah, that's the kind of folks we need running the Net – NOT !

Mike further clarifies:

The UN has proven itself to be one of the most corrupt organizations in the world, and therefore should NEVER be given control over any aspect of the internet.

Nothing has ever stopped any country that doesn't like the way the internet is run from starting its own computer network. I'm surprised the muslim countries haven't strung wire for intolerantislamofascismnet.

Mr Jordan has something to say:

If you mean to cede the Internet to China and various other despotic socialist governments, then please be prepared for the following: 1) Censorship of those parts of the web that criticize said governments. 2) Taxation of Internet services to fuel the already hopelessly corrupt U.N. No thanks!

And Ashe gives logical argument a run for its money:

why do you want a un to run the net when say you say something bad about the un … then the un police tells you that you cannot gain access to the net. Ummmm that is telling someone in the us that they cannot do something. When they are in american soil. and it will be like that for everyone that doesn't fit into the un's plans for the net. So, this is just a way for the un to “control” the us. Which, everyone in the world (at least in the us) shouldn't want. Just my opinion. I hope that the un doesn't come to my house now and say that I have broken international law speaking against them. Which is my 1st amendment right of the us constitution. hmm .. see the irony in that statement.

There's plenty more you know, plenty more…