Media coverage of the Net gov agreement

Too much info, too little time.

Well, I'm pleased to have scooped the rest of the world of this Net governance – particularly in print. But then I have been following it almost obsessively so there had to be some kind of payback.

What is incredible is that now it has been lost in a huge cloud of press coverage. I have been harping on about the Internet and ICANN for so many years, trying to get people to write about it, and now everyone and their dog is doing so, I'm suffering info meltdown.

As I sadly predicted news organisations have felt the need to continue with the incorrect version of Net governance as a battle between the US and Europe, or freedom and control, or whatever other rubbish has been dished out.

The end result is very much being seen through that lens. Listening the Fox News interview the US' Gallagher was interesting. I've done an interview with Gallagher in which he unflinchingly failed to answer any of my questions 🙂

One headline that did amaze me though was from IDG. In fact, I can see John Blau who wrote it from where I'm sitting.

For some insane reason, the story, headlined “US caves over internet monopoly” started: “The US has agreed to consult with other governments over top-level domain names in a major shift in the US policy on control of the internet, EU officials confirmed on Wednesday.”

Which is completely and utterly wrong. I was about to ask John Blau about it and then I noticed that IDG News Service has sent out a kill on the story, asked everyone to remove it from their websites and publications not to run it (it's still on PC Advisor for the moment).

So I wasn't going mad. The BBC has done a pretty good job though.