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So I wrote an article covering how the rules on redelegations for country code top-level domains had been changed in governments' favour by ICANN and the US government.

Basically, the US administration wanted to hand over control of Iraq's .iq domain to the US-backed administration in Iraq. As a result it has allowed governments to take over their country domain, and ignore any objections from the existing operator. Making state-run censorship easier than ever.

The Kazakhstan government has got hold of its domain – and immediately started deleted domains it doesn't like. And ICANN has set itself up as the Internet's Supreme Court, with power to decide who should have control.

This is an important change in how the Net is run, and not a good one.

But since it criticised the US government, needless to say, I have received emails from idiot Yanks who haven't even read the story and are still riled up thanks to the brilliant propaganda campaign run the US administration in the run-up to the World Summit. I ran some of these imbecilic rants in November in response to a different story, but still they come…

This one came from “True Blue Yanks” with a “gsmsucks” email address – which just about says it all:

Gee, wasn't the internet “created” by the US Govt w/ US taxpayer money in the first place?

USA Note to rest of world – Go fuck yourselves! The Yanks are TIRED of your whining! We're also tired of paying the world's subsidies for 3rd world food relief, freedom from tyrants & terrorists, and local economies that rely on large US military installations (Japan, South Korea, Germany, Poland, Afganastan, etc, etc) that only ended up there to stop you people from KILLING EACH OTHER, which you have proven, time and again, so adept at doing! (Kosovo, Serbia, Germany, etc – need I say more?)

Maybe the US Govt is just trying to exert some control over something that US TAXPAYERS PAID FOR!!!! (I haven't exactly seen FRANCE kicking in for example!)

As for the UN taking control of anything – gee b/c they've done such a good job already? The Europeans want the UN to take control so that they can illegally channel contracts to grossly uncommpetitive French & German companies at greatly inflated prices!

Maybe the US ought to simply come up w/ a USA national 'intranet' that the ROW would be forced by economics to interface with… and then we'd be back to the same situation we have now! LOL!


Uncle Sam

This one starts off by calling me “Irish” – and goes on to make various childish drink insults. I'm not Irish incidentally but let's be honest this monkey has never been held back by such incovenient things as facts:

Thats right Irish,

We built it, we control it and your lucky we do!

Left to their own devices the rest of the world is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

I wish we could get rid of him here in America the guy SUCKS! British comic Sacha Baron Cohen (best known as Ali G)

Good to see I'm not the only illiterate person on the net.

Oh New Years Irish and the glug glug ;-{

“It simple forged the man's signature on a piece of paper handing over control to the US-created authority and the job was done.”

3 pages of shlep. Put down the booze and think a little before you spew forth another load of puke.

This publication hires any sad sod!

By the way what is a Kieren male or a female? Not like it makes a difference you all look the same anyways!

🙂 United States did that boo hoo hoo.. The administration did this boo hoo hoo.

I'm so sick of European elitist bullshit. Most European citizens are with the US but you loud annoying voices get heard over the din of the majority.

Blame us for all the bad things and give us credit for nothing!


More gibberish along the “we paid for it” patriotic line:

Hello Earth to Kieren, Earth to Kieren, please get a CLUE !!!

At the risk of enlightening the daft “World” who appears to be opposed to the U.S. maintaining regulation of the Internet – WHICH U.S. TAX PAYERS PAID FOR AND U.S. GOVERNMENT AND UNIVERSITIES CREATED, I say the rest of the World can GO TO HELL if they don't like it!!! If the so called “test of the world” wants to be in control of an Internet, then let the vocal MINORITY get off their collective AZZES and fund and develop their own damn Internet. And if we feel like allowing the rest of the World to link to the U.S. developed and owned Internet, we'll let you know. Until then consider yourself G.D. lucky we ain't charging you to use the Network WE CREATED and PAID for.

Comprende Amigo ???


This buffoon is so keen to defend his country that he rewires his brain to decide what is and what is not censorship:

It must be a slow news day. Crawl out from that rock you're under and come to the realization that the US rules the world. We've earned it because we've been bailing the world's population out of tyranny and annihilation for a couple hundred years. As for the TLD issue, who really cares if your web page has your country's code in it? can be hosted at with a few clicks of your mouse. That's not censorship!

And so on and so forth.

I should point out though that I did receive a number of congratulatory emails, others with intelligent comment and others with legitimate queries and questions about parts of the story.

I just thought I'd share the nuts with you though.

  1. Yanks are ‘DADS”. Dumb as dog shit.

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