Guy Kewney on BBC News

Guy Kewney is a terrific IT journalist and a friend of mine and I feell about laughing when I heard on Saturday that thanks to an enormous cock-up at the BBC, a cab driver waiting for him rather than he appeared on BBC News 24 to talk about the Apple versus Apple lawsuit.

Guy wrote about the experience on his blog and, inevitably, it was pick up by a number of others people including ZDNet’s Rupert Goodwins, and then The Guardian and The Times. I asked Guy if he had any footage of the interview – in which he, a wiry white middle-aged man and IT expert was replaced by a young, large black man with an African accent – and he said he didn’t as yet.

Thanks the Lord for YouTube then because sure enough it has turned up. There are dozens of copies now available for viewing in fact. Check them out while you can because YouTube has got increasingly stroppy about clips from the TV – just after it signed a big corporate deal I should note.

In fact, I will grab a copy and stick it here. Click here to view it.

It is frankly hilarious. What on earth was going through the cabbies’s head? I particularly love the way he nearly freaks when he is introduced as Guy Kewney but then thinks fuck it and tries to make the best of it.