Blog problems

As you may have noticed this blog has been offline for nearly 16 hours and there are no posts on it.

This is thanks to a combination of Blogware and my ex-hosts 123-Reg. I hit a 2GB bandwidth limit yesterday yet despite buying an extra 1GB in bandwidth, having made a phonecall and sent an email, still nothing this morning. At which point I was advised to take out another 1GB in bandwidth and hope for the best.

After some stark words, I was informed that a question had been asked of the technical staff but they not may not get around to reading it today. At which point I started explaining some home truths and asked to speak to people higher up the chain. Despite several requests, all I eventually managed to get was a promise that the manager would call me back in an hour.

It is five hours since that time and three hours ago, I cancelled the blog, exported my files, took out a new hosting deal and moved my name servers. As for the archive – I have just found out that there are some issues exporting Blogware to WordPress – which I am now working on. So bear with me.


  1. Wondered what that wierd message was I kept getting. Thought you were tinkering with your site. TBH 2GB bandwidth for a blog older than six months, even with small traffic is miniscule. If you hosts pics and podcast audio too, you’ll be screwed in no time as you have discovered. I would shift the lot elsewhere, if I were you. And I’m glad you are 🙂

    I wanted to hear what you take was on this wee broohaha:

    Maybe you already blogged on it and I missed it during your outage.

  2. Hi!
    I had the same problems you had this morning. My blog has been shut down by Netidentity because it supposedly exceeded bandwidth. However, when I do a report of daily bandwidth issue I am told I am using 60 MB’s plus of bandwidth everyday. However, when I look at the files that are creating this high usage and total up their accumulated bandwidth I get LESS THEN TEN PERCENT of the daily total summary. Something tells me there is a probelm with Blogware not with me. Any suggestions? Any ideas where the NINTEY PERCENT is coming from?

  3. I don’t know. I assumed that mine had rocketed because a largish video file I had stuck up was linked to by some big site, and the stats hadn’t filtered through to me yet. But it could be that Blogware has screwed up.

    I have to say though that now I’ve made the move to WordPress, I am glad I did it. So even if you manage to sort it out, I’d advice shifting and getting control of your own content.


  4. […] I had to kill my blog with them and shift hosting because they were so completely useless and unhelpful. I hit a bandwidth limit, but rather than be informed, they just killed it. I was happy to pay for more bandwidth – which I did – but it didn’t work and they basically said they didn’t care. So I moved my hosting. […]

  5. Typical 123-Reg service!

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