Blog back (to some degree)

Okay after an extremely frustrating day yesterday, the blog is starting to come together again. I am pleased to be off Blogware, I always found it quite restrictive. And the trackback problem was getting unbearable. Now I’m on WordPress which is far more flexible and am starting to find workarounds to lots of glitches.

I couldn’t make any changes inside WordPress first off – which was driving me nuts – but after alot of mucking about discovered it was a combination of Firefox and my firewall that was killing it. Then I had to wiggle about with some code to get the new picture you see above. Actually I quite like this default design with my new pic. It will do for now at least.

I still don’t have the archive up yet though. I have had to change the php code according to some online guide I’ve found because Blogware uses different ways of tagging content than most RSS feeds. I still haven’t got it working yet, but I am more confident than yesterday than I will get it up.

Then I will have to rebuild the whole site by uploading my pics, MP3s and so on. And I fear as well that I may have lost all the links to my previous blogs because WordPress uses its own approach. So basically nearly a year of blogging is effectively wiped out of the Internet’s memory. I knew I shouldn’t have gone for Blogware.

Ah well, it’s done now. As for 123-Reg and its appalling service though, I am not at all happy about that. I have most of my domains and a big chunk of my hosting with 123-Reg (I manage six other websites for people). And I still haven’t heard a thing back. I might slowly migrate everyone away from them. It’s a shame because 123-Reg used to be outstanding.

Right, one more go at the archive but then I have to continue writing my book.