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There was an open public meeting of Pro-Test at Oxford’s Town Hall last night from 7pm to 9.15pm. The flyers sold it as: “Come and discuss the case for animal research with leading scientists, politicians, journalists, university representatives, medical charity workers and members of the Pro-Test committee”, and it was very interesting.

I have some pictures and some notes about the meeting that I will stick up when I have a minute, but first of all, here are MP3s of each person’s speech, in the order they were given. Click on the person’s name below for the audio file. Most are around 2MB in size, so depending on the speed of your connection, it may take a short while to start playing. Or, alternatively, right-click and Save Link As to your computer.

Please note that the sound on the first person – Laurie Pycroft – is bad because firstly the PA system was playing up and secondly because he was by far in a way the furthest from the microphone, which was stuck in the middle of the table next to the meeting chairman.

If you want to hear the medical realities of animal testing, then listen to Professor Andrew McMichael. If you want to listen to Oxford University’s perspective, listen to Dr Ken Fleming. If you want to hear an impassioned personal plea, listen to Niki Shisler. And if you are interested in the wider political issue, listen to Evan Harris.

I should add as well that Evan Harris held a debate a lunchtime today in Westminster Hall about animal testing in which he suggested that pill bottles have the fact they are tested on animals printed on them, that department of health press releases feature whether drugs have been tested on animals, and that the Health Secretary should speak publicly in favour of animal testing. You can read more about it on Evan Harris’ website here.

Here are the MP3s of the Pro-Test meeting:

  1. Laurie Pycroft: 16-year-old founder of Pro-Test
  2. Professor Andrew McMichael: Director of the MRC Human Immunology Unit, Oxford University
  3. Dr Ken Fleming: Head of Medical Science Division, University of Oxford
  4. Niki Shishler: Best-selling author of Fragile, journalist and mother of a profoundly disabled child
  5. Vicky Cowell: Director, Patients’ Voice of Medical Advance
  6. Christopher Bickerton: Organising member of Pro-Test
  7. Dr Evan Harris MP: LibDem Science spokesman and MP for Oxford West

Notes later.

  1. Very good, but why aren’t you WORKING ON YOUR BLOODY BOOK?

  2. […] As I pointed out yesterday, there was a debate in Westminster Hall yesterday lunchtime in which Evan Harris (local Oxford MP) argued for labels to be put on pills outlining if they have been tested on animals, plus ask the Department of Health to add the same information on press releases, plus speak up in favour of animal testing. […]

  3. Kieren, thanks so much for putting these online. I’ve linked to them from our blog and credited you with our thanks and a link to your website. All the best! – Lee (Pro-Test webmaster)

  4. Pleasure Lee


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