article in The Guardian

I’ve an article about the whole case in The Guardian today. Called “The age-old battle for power and“, it is a basic rundown of the case but updated to include Cohen’s stubborn behaviour in jail and tying in the latest twist in the tale – Kremen’s determination to make IP address property in law in exactly the same way he made domains law.

I have a mountain of stories I’ve wanted to write in the past few days. The Cameroon SiteFinder service for example – which is extremely interesting and also cut right down the lines of ICANN authority. Plus Damien Hirst have a cybersquatting battle here in the UK. Plus what is going on with Chris Langham and the ongoing investigations I am making into the dangerous police culture that has grown up around child porn on the Net. Plus some interesting changes in the UK phone system. Plus my pictures of Islay.

But I have to finish the book by Monday so everything else save eating and sleeping is on the back-burner. It’s my birthday on Saturday too.