What the hell is wrong with 123-Reg?

There is something seriously wrong with 123-Reg – previously the best domain purchasing company in the UK.

Today, I have moved my JaysonBlair.com domain and hosting deal from them for the simple reason that… the website had completely disappeared! The hosting deal must have come to an end and yet somewhere, somehow it fell through the cracks and 123-Reg failed to tell me. I was so gobsmacked I have shifted everything over to GoDaddy.

This isn’t the only time I’ve had trouble with 123-Reg recently either – and I can see from looking on the Net that I’m not alone.

123-Reg’s support – ever since Pipex took them over, and then again recently while Pipex is going through some strange changes – has gone from bad to absolutely pointless.

I had to kill my blog with them and shift hosting because they were so completely useless and unhelpful. I hit a bandwidth limit, but rather than be informed, they just killed it. I was happy to pay for more bandwidth – which I did – but it didn’t work and they basically said they didn’t care. So I moved my hosting.

I also shifted the hosting for my Sexdotcom.info site, because they were so unhelpful and so restrictive with their hosting deals. And I don’t think I’ll bother renewing my hosting deals for my other sites when they come for renewal either (assuming of course that 123-Reg bothers to tell me).

It’s not just me and it’s not just hosting either. There is an extraordinary post on the influential UK mailing list at Deleting.co.uk entitled “R.I.P 123, is this the end for 123-reg?” The complaint was very worrying: “I registered a domain several hours ago with 123-reg.co.uk, the money was taken, yet the domain is still not registered. Anyone can go and register it.”

And again on the My Two Cents blog, Shari says, no, shouts “BOYCOTT 123-REG.CO.UK!” She has also shifted over to GoDaddy because: “My password needed to be reset since early June so I could renew a domain for my husband! And what happens?? 3 MONTHS LATER and the LOSS of my husbands domain to finally get it reset!!! Talk about BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE! I emailed them several times a day since June and FINALLY 2 weeks ago they reset my password… but 2 MONTHS TOO LATE!”

Something has gone very, very wrong at 123-Reg and it is directly impinging on its core technical functions. What a way to squander a reputation. I’m simply not going to stay with a company that I can’t trust to look after my domains or hosting deals.

  1. Has anybody actually received a reply to an email? They just do not reply. Today I took the liberty of emailing a support ticket to every single department they have listed on their site. Will I receive a reply? I doubt it very much!

  2. well am i glad i read this, i just registered a domain with 123 and was going to buy the hosting from them, but wont bother now,sound a right load of muppets.Hope all the rest of you having probs get them sorted

  3. i have been using 123 reg off an on the last few years for domains.i set up a site this year for a friend,site is fine,but the email forwarding has given me a !host mail.pulsarribs.com[] said: 550-Mail
    relaying denied. 550 Please authenticate first to use this server as an
    outbound SMTP server. (in reply to RCPT TO command)” since the start(about 3 weeks ago) since then i have went to their support site and lodged 2 questions about this….barely a week later the questions didnt show,and no support was forthcoming,so i lodge another question at the start of this week…and here we are at the end of the week,and no doubt THAT question will magically disappear-their concept of “support” is laughable -to be honest i cannot see me using them again for anything,which is a pity as they *used* to be a good company to deal with………..

  4. Avoid 123-reg and Pipex like the plague!

  5. supposedly…they dont let email get forwarded if it is from an ADSL/broadband connection…found this out from trawling the net…WTF is the point of not forwarding mail from broadband accounts? when 90% of the UK is using it? 123-reg = fvking idiots

  6. [Comment edited by blog owner]

    I believe the Directors of Pipex Communications UK Limited are;
    Stewart ****** – Forest Edge, *******, Berkshire SL*****.
    Michael ***** – 33 ****** London SW*****,
    and Peter ****** – Flat ****** London SW*****.
    Letters of complaint to the directors home addresses usually get a response. Maybe they have each experienced this a lot recently as they are now all using serviced addresses at UK Companies House! Next step is to get their home telephone numbers so we can all call them!

  7. I’m sorry Paul but I’m not having you use my blog as a vehicle for encouraging harassment of individuals in their personal lives.

    I should also state that I consider posting such information irresponsible and unreasonable. If you don’t like Pipex’ service, you are fully able to move to a different company. Vote with your feet as many others have already done. But do not encroach on people’s personal lives.


  8. Fair enough Kieren, it is your blog, however surely if the three directors of this company who’s details are freely available at UK companies House, are responsible for running this company and therefore answerable to all those who they are currently robbing of good service…..any some would say their money. Then I do not see how a letter to them asking for an explanation could really be encroaching on their personal lives? All we are asking for is some good communication. I say don’t let the big boys get away with it!

  9. Of course the details are freely available at Companies House – that’s the law. But there is a very clear line in my mind between contacting someone about their work through their work address and in work hours, and raising an issue about their business outside work, outside their premises and outside work hours.

    The directors are most likely killing themselves to try to sort out the problems. And having spent all day trying to fix issues with their business, they need to be able to go home and get away from work and relax because they’re human beings.

    The solution, like I said, is just to move your business elsewhere.


  10. Point taken. Have a good weekend!

  11. Avoid 123-reg at all costs! I started using them around 2000 and they were brilliant – I don’t think I even had to speak to representative of the company untill 2006. However, the warning signs were there late last year when the e-mails servers collapsed, from then on it just got worse, appauling customer service, useless and unknowledgable staff when you finally get through – usually half an hour in my experience and two weeks to answer e-mail – f@%$ing useless! I have now moved my domains and service to an alternative company – I would steer clear of 123-reg and if you are currently using them I would start planning an escape!

  12. Our domain renewed automatically on 7th May 2007, however, since then our domain http://www.go2workbasescotland.com has shown as not existing. We are a charity who now have no email and no website and we are losing money at a rate of knots because of this. We have faxed 123-reg over 20 times, we have submitted 2 technical support online forms and have phone their technical support just to be on hold for over an hour at exorbitant rates. This is crippling us and they are refusing to respond. Does anyone know who you complain to that can actually do anything? I’ve let ICANN know but they don’t resolve individual problems they just take the information and occasionally forward it on.

  13. Take the 123-reg survey and express your concerns.
    a href=”http://www.zoomerang.com/survey.zgi?p=WEB226HQN3GM3P”

  14. 123-reg is a complete ripp off! Avoid them at all costs, I lost my username and password because my computer crashed trying to contact them was expensive and a waste of time these people are scam artists

  15. I notice that your site is now up and running. Can you tellme how long it took them to sort it? Thanks

  16. There customer service is the worst in History. I wait on average 30 mins to speak to someone, they charge a premium rate number so it cost me a fortune. I will be moving my hosting and also warn people to stay well way

  17. Hi,
    I think 123 got busted or something. A gossip says that Pipex want to sell the company. The main problem a have is that I have over a 100 domains registered with 123, myself and for lots of my customers. I have paid for several domains renewals in the last 3 months and surprisingly my CC has been charged but domains are not registered and available. These cousins’ lots of greave to me and my customers also I have already lost a few contracts. I have spend over £50 on phone bill to 123 only to listen to music, No reply to emails, No reply to faxes, No reply to my letters to them. I have decided to move all domains to 1and1 but they request an authorisation code for each domain, so there is no way I can contact 123 to get it. As this will occur of addition few hundred pound cost, I have sent a final letter to 123 and take them to court to claim may expense and lots of revenue.

  18. I just registered my second site with 123-reg. I hope I am not going to have these same problems! Today is the 20th Wednesday, June, 2007! I really hope those problems have been resolved!

  19. I’ve had my own equally bad experiences of 123Reg and won’t use them ever again. If anyone is looking for another company, I can recommend GoDaddy.

  20. I’ve been with 123 for some years & never had a problem – until now!

    The thing that has really p’d me off, is that when you host a site with them, or even it seems just register a site, they *give* you 10 *free* pop3 mailboxes per site. No biggie, I don’t use them, so have never paid any attention to them.

    However, this week I got money debited from my account for 15 thats FIFTEEN pop3 mailboxes renewed at £9.96 each plus VAT – a total of £175!!! I have another EIGHTY FIVE of these bl**dy boxes that they *gave* me, & I can’t get rid of them.

    Now, apart from the fact that they *gave* these to me for *free*, and apart from the fact that I don’t want or use them, & apart from the fact that I can’t seem to cancel them, do they SERIOUSLY expect me to *give* them over £1000 per year for NOTHING!!

    This is a serious RIP OFF – they’ve never done this before, its something new that they’re up to, but they won’t be seeing another penny of my money or my business ever again if they don’t get their act together & refund me pronto.

    Let people know about this, it is an utter disgrace & I believe falls under the jurisdiction of unsolicited goods – you didn’t order it, they can’t make you pay for it.

  21. So – can anyone tell me how to CANCEL a 123-Reg Hosting Account (not due for renewal) – thanks

  22. POP3 account nightmare! I purchased 10 POP3 accounts with 123Reg recent promotion, worse thing is I can’t access 6 of them as the password reset process doesn’t work, it worked for the first 4 but no longer works judging by earlier posts this has happened before needless to say I shall be transferring my domains as soon as possible and shall be contacting trading standards as this has impacted on my businesses. Best to act with one’s feet! Wish I’d found this blog site earlier, thanks and keep up the excellent work!

  23. It’s happened all over again. The name servers at 123 reg have been erratic and mostly non working for the last 48 hrs with their own site having now vanished since they changed their own nameservers to ns,webfusion.co.uk. We’ve 60+ sites down and can’t change the nameservers to any alternative as can’t even access 123-reg site. This appears to be complete melt down for 123-reg who until about 18 months ago were top of the tops (we’ve used them for 7+ years) and are now to be avoided at all costs.

  24. 123-reg NS servers down. Oh the Misery!

  25. What’s the easiest way of moving my domain and mail forwarding to another registrar? How long will the transition typically take where emails will go into a black hole before it’s moved to a new registrar? Shame I only renewed a month or so ago, but this level of service is pants now

  26. 123-reg are useless, I have tried to get an issue resolved since august and it still hasn’t been done.

    Their customer service is terrible.

  27. I cannot believe how badly 123-reg is. I have had domain names for over 5 years with them and everything went like clockwork until 4 domain names were just dropped due to them not passing the cash onto then registry. The registry turns up asking about why my domain names have all expired. Well, it looks like a bumpy ride in 123-reg and best to protect all that I can in the process. 123-reg support system is the worst ever, forcing people to go through a question system barrier before actually being able to ask “Why the fu?? haven’t you paid Nominet?” – Which is clearly not an available option….

  28. hi, i just got a 123 reg instant site plus, it said there were 324 templates, and even game me a few sample ones – this turned out to be a random 7 wiht various colour schemes. you CANNOT change the pictures you CANNOT edit the layout you CANNOT do anything. i feel totally mislead and have spent £30 trying to get a decent website. i have been ripped off and i want my money back.

  29. what a scam..im gutted i brought instant site and instant traffic and now i cant do anything, can anyone recommed a good site builder please…….

  30. I am so angry with 123-reg, these people are simply the worst comany ever for web hosting! I registered my domain as, http://www.softeye.co.uk in late 2006 but had trouble trying to work out how to use the blooim FTP thing. I left my domain hosting alone for about 1 year & coming late 2007 I tried again, didn’t go well. So its 2008 & I’m currently sitting around waitig for 123-reg to reply to one of my so called,’Support threads’! I am considering contacting watchdog about these people!!

  31. I am so angry with 123-reg, these people are simply the worst comany ever for web hosting! I registered my domain as, http://www.softeye.co.uk in late 2006 but had trouble trying to work out how to use the blooim FTP thing. I left my domain hosting alone for about 1 year & coming late 2007 I tried again, didn’t go well. So its 2008 & I’m currently sitting around waiting for 123-reg to reply to one of my so called,’Support threads’! I am considering contacting watchdog about these people!! I think i’ve just found that they have lost my payment details for my hosting package that I bought orginally!

  32. In reply to jennifer allen, two comments above mine so far, you should use Dream Weaver, & use 1&1 hosting, they look good & actully have a support phone line, what a rarity, as seen in this case of 123 – reg – NO PHONE LINE!

  33. 123-reg support??? Non existent. What an appalling organisation. Do not touch them with a barge-pole.

  34. I wish i had a time machine to stop myself hosting with 123reg. They lie about the costs, the 39.99 package arrives on cc statement as 46.99. They lie about the templates, not very configurable AT ALL! You end up with stuff on the members log in page that is totally irrelevant and unchangeable, as an example, and i have many, many more. Never ever got through to help line it rings out. The 123reg support site is useless, loads of stuff on there.. none of it relevant for sorting problems. email forwarding doesnt work, and from hunting around the blogs never has. Sometimes impossible to upload new content and they deny any problems whatsoever if you can get an email back from them. Normally weeks later, if at all. Tried emailing Pipex they basically told me to get lost not their problem. I could go on all night about the hell of the last 3 months. Do yourself a favour and dont even consider them. I will definately advise anyone whoever asks me about hosting to AVOID 123 REG and go with someone else like I am about to do. The WORST SERVICE of any business I have EVER come across. Even the Labour Party could probably do a better job running it and thats saying something!

  35. 123-reg suck, visit our blog and tell us your horror stories from 123-reg!

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