Greetings from Charlotte

I’m in North Carolina for my old friend Jonny Hennessey-Brown’s wedding. I arrived last night, the wedding is tomorrow and I’m best man.

Aside from the usual fear that American TV always gives me (CNN is on as I write this – it’s the least despairing option), I feel oddly relaxed. Must be the fact that I haven’t worked a 12-hour day for the past five days. I have to head off any second to a wedding meeting at the bride’s parents’ house, and then presumably to another, and then to a rehearsal at 5.30pm and so on and so forth.

I started writing the speech last night in my head while sitting in the hotel foyer drinking a lovely 1800 Silver tequila (why on earth can’t you get decent Tequila in the UK?). But I am still unsure who I toast: the bridesmaids, the parents, the bride and groom, a combination, or all three?

Hopefully it will all come clear at some point today.

  1. Oohh. My ultimate nightmare – being asked to be best man. Fortunately I got sidelined in the three most obvious choices because of my foreign location 🙂 That didn’t stop your mate ehh?

    Good luck with it, enjoy the day and the 1800 Tequila – what the hell is that?? And tell us more about North Carolina.

  2. Hey Graham,

    Actually, being the fly-in best man has meant that all the crazy wedding stuff is being done by others and I basically just have to make sure the groom gets to the place in one piece.

    We were up fairly late last night but it’s now just before 10am, he seems fine, I feel oddly alright, and so far at least it is all running smoothly. As a bonus I finished off my speech my late at 3am and when I read it this morning I still liked it.

    The wedding location is beautiful – right on the lake. I should have snaps later. But in the meantime I have 14 jobs – just counted em – to get down in the next hour or so, so should head off rather than typing this stuff on my blog.


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