The secret of American bacon

I have just discovered how Americans have their bacon the way they do.

I hate the way Americans have their bacon – crisp and brittle. Thin strips that crumble and snap and taste like a bacon crisp (sorry, potato chip). But up until this morning I had no idea how they managed to make it like that. I’ve cooked alot of bacon in my time, have never got close to producing the same texture, no matter what cut I’ve used.

The answer, which you won’t be surprised to hear, is fat. I bought some Oscar Mayer Hearty Thick Cut Bacon. The “hearty” means fatty. Unbelievably fatty. It’s streaky bacon and about two-thirds of it is fat. I fried this without oil and butter, and you would not *believe* the amount of fat that came out of it. Anyway, that’s the thing – cooking this very fatty bacon in a ton of fat is what causes it to crisp up and become brittle. So now you know.

Incidentally, fat is the answer to another food riddle, namely: how do Chinese takeaways get their chicken so squidgy? If you cook strips of chicken normally, they become quite firm but in Chinese food it is soft and almost rubbery. The answer: cook it in a ton of oil.

I wonder where I can buy better cuts of bacon…

  1. Go to Trader Joe’s. Good stuff generally. Or buy a pig and a new meat slicer and…..

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  3. Try the “Black Forest” bacon at Whole Foods

  4. There’s bound to be somewhere stocking UK food brands, there usually is – my bro lives near Cincinnati and there’s a place not far from him called Jungle Jims. Heinz Baked Beans, Mars Bars, you name it. And with all the Brits in LA waiting to become millionaire screenwriters/actors, etc , there ought to be no end of choice. And if not, there could be a gap in the market… you could become a latter-day Alf Roberts!

  5. Further to Sean’s comment, this seems to be a fairly comprehensive resource. By coincidence, I was at the “shoppe” at the Ye Olde Kings Head in Santa Monica yesterday, and I think I saw they British bacon on offer.

  6. Well-Hell, …there’s got to be a ton of Pork-Fat around ICANN. Just thinking about how the U.S. Congress has provided all that “Pork-Barrel-Funding” for ICANN, DARPA, & NSA projects, makes my mouth water.
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  7. Ah you see, this is why I love the Internet – a fellow Brit on the ground sniffing out foodstuffs. Thanks Geoff.

    I don’t want to get too far into the “ain’t Britain great” thing though. I spend a big chunk of my time in UK supermarkets trying to find food from other countries.

    I wonder what the best bacon in the world is. Probably Hungarian or something.


  8. Jesus, you really are living in LA. Get in touch man.

    Try Whole Foods or Trader Joes for bacon – or a farmer’s market, they’re the in thing. But generally, US bacon is pants because Americans like pork more than bacon so the good stuff is used for pork products and ham rather than good old bacon.,

  9. Wow so subtle! Amazingly cutting commentary here! Knob.

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