Your wedding gift: a photo album we will cherish

Having lived away from home for more than a decade each, we really don’t need any gifts from a traditional wedding registry (in fact, if anyone wants a frying pan, we have six).

As such, we talked about a gift we would really like and that was: great wedding photography. Having gone through a list of over 60 wedding photographers from California, we decided upon Peter Kwan – we love his style which is classy and fun but also photo-journalistic. Peter focuses more on capturing the little moments and people’s personalities than the big set-piece photographs and we like that.

Plus of course, with everyone owning a digital camera these days, we are certain there will be no shortage of pictures of us in groups.

So, if you wish to give us a wedding gift, we would really like you to donate toward a wedding fund out of which we will pay Peter for his services.

Thank you very much and we looking forward to seeing you.

Kieren and Sapna


  1. Wishing you both a life filled with love, happiness, success and peace!

    With best wishes
    Nicola, Jason, Holly and Finlay

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