Here’s who I feel sorry for

People who work in and around the pharmaceutical industry.

Imagine having all that spam appear at first glance to be legitimate email.

How about Pfizer executives? Every mention of Viagra draws your attention.

I am at the IETF meeting in the Hilton in Prague. But much as I would like to stick my head in, it is going to cost me a frankly rather ridiculous $750. No day pass here. And a $150 surcharge for not having paid the $600 last week. So I’m going to sit in the grand foyer, getting on with a backlog of work and occasionally grabbing conversations with people (which is what I’m here for anyway) as they walk past. If anyone wants to talk to ICANN’s general manager of public participation (or even just Kieren McCarthy), I’ve got a grey sweater and khaki trousers on, glasses, short brown hair, and I occasionally have a coughing fit.

  1. If I worked for the pharmaceutical industry, I suspect my biggest problem would be not so much the overexposure of my companies trademarks by spammers than the ethics of my companies marketing practices. 🙁

  2. No suit AND a coughing fit! Tchh! What sort of corporate representative are you? At least you don’t need a haircut.

    What’s that big rocket on your front page and what does it signify?

  3. Hey, I was trying to hang with the engineers. You know secretly that I love nothing more than wearing a suit and being officious.

    As for the rocketman, can you read the full tedious tale here if you find you have 20 minutes spare in your life ever again.


  4. Looked at the photos – the joker with the haircut and the glasses sitting in front of the old computer looks more like you

  5. What do you mean? That is me. That’s the L-root you’re looking at. I was just having a quick fiddle and I was caught by Kim Davies, who took 16 pictures and then wandered off 😉


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