Mind-melting madness. P Diddy at Diana concert

You know, there are times when I just cannot fathom what on earth is going on in the world and I have just had one of the moments. Fortunately I have been out the country for a month so I completely missed the fact there was a “Concert for Diana” at the new Wembley stadium last weekend. Ignoring the fact that the very concept of having a concert 10 years after a woman dies in a car crash is already ridiculous, I read a review of it yesterday saying it was excruciating so I checked out YouTube this morning and turned up something so dreadful and so unintentionally hilarious and despairing at the same time that I felt the need to post it here.

Yes, it is the greatest lack of talent on the planet P Diddy doing what he does best – pretending to be something he isn’t. In this case, both a rapper and English. In an exquisite burst of mind-melting madness, this phoney American singer is introduced by Jamie Oliver and then proceeds to ponce about on stage before giving what you can only assume he thinks is the sort of entry that a consummate entertainer would provide where they to appear at Wembley. He says the following: “So beautiful… so graceful… so compassionate… so royal… an incredible mother… make some noise for Princess Diana, y’all!” before embarking on a rendition of the version of Every Breath You Take that accidentally launched his career. He can’t sing, his voiced is doubled up so you can’t hear it, and then a choir produces the real sound while he makes nonsense comments over the top. “If you’ve come here to celebrate Diana put your hands in the air!”; “Say ‘I love you!’… ‘we miss you!’…”; “Prince william, prince harry, we love you, we respect you…”

Just extraordinary nonsense. Enjoy.

  1. Arg. Not sure if watching that was a good idea… I have cringed so thoroughly my toenails have gone in spirals.

  2. that is sooo sad for peeps that have lost loved ones nd it is such a good song it makes me go all cold nd cry

  3. it was a beautiful performance. and what is wrong with having a concert – diana’s sons wanted to celebrate their mother’s life in a fun and entertaining way and what they believe she would have wanted.

    you’r a stupid cow.

  4. Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, because what I saw in P Diddy’s performance was an excruciatingly bad effort by someone to be an entertainer.

    But yes, I think you might be right about the concert. So whose life, made notable by untimely death, shall we celebrate next year with a gaggle of mediocre musical talents? Jean-Charles de Menezes, Joan of Arc or Dietrich Bonhoeffer?


  5. Ooh. Good question! How about:

    – Jesus Christ Superstar
    – Evita

    Of course, all the really GOOD untimely deaths are in opera, which probably misses the “mediocre musical talent” requirement.

  6. While I was watching it I was starting to wonder how much does he know about Diana. P Diddy shouted out “… So Royal …”. I mean really?!

  7. While I was watching it I was started to wonder how much does he know about Diana. P Diddy shouted out “… So Royal …”. I mean really?!

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